Student of the Week Schedule:

When you are student of the week, you get to move into the special desk in our room called the Throne. You may bring five items from home to decorate and make the thrown special for you. You are also allowed to move all of your books and school supplies into the Throne.

Enjoy! Congratulations on being our special student of the week!

  1. Francesca
  2. Blair
  3. Ethan C.
  4. John C.
  5. Margot
  6. Mitchell
  7. Alex G
  8. Ethan H.
  9. Will
  10. Joshua
  11. Lauren
  12. Nicole
  13. Paris
  14. Lochlain
  15. Justin
  16. Lucas
  17. Sophie
  18. Anna Maria
  19. Kate
  20. Emily
  21. Evelyn
  22. Henry
  23. Sam