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American Revolution Biography Speeches
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May 5th
Project Completed Monday, May 11th
Speeches begin Tuesday, May 12th
(students will be assigned a day and time to present)
Easy Bib due the day of the speech presentation.

Mr. Sheckell's Presentation Schedule:

Field Day is scheduled for Thursday, May 14th in the AM. If it rains and Field day is postponed, we will present speeches in the morning.
If not, speeches will be from 2:00-2;45 in the afternoon.

Mrs. Tuomi's Presentation Schedule

Mr. Smith's Presentation Schedule:
No Speeches on Thursday, May 14th for Mr. Smith's class. The correct date for those presentations is Friday, May 15th from 11:10-12:00.

Each unit will contain a list of vocabulary words. We will take notes and keep track of key terms in our Social Studies spiral notebooks. We will also have a work book, a folder and a hard cover textbook. The tci text is available online and students will be given passwords to access from home.